21 Profitable Botswana Business Ideas for 2024

profitable Botswana business ideas

Being your own boss can be satisfying. You can work flexible hours, grow your business at a sustainable pace and enjoy a higher earning potential.

If you’re hard-working, disciplined and enjoy making decisions, starting a business in Botswana can be a profitable move.

Here are 21 profitable business ideas for Batswana in 2024, together with a snapshot of the local economy and why it’s a good time to get commercially active.

Botswana’s economic outlook for 2024   

The International Monetary Fund is echoing the Central Bank of Botswana’s forecast of around 4.4% growth for the local economy in 2024. That’s on the back of a projected 3.8% rise in economic activity in 2023.

The slow and steady post-pandemic recovery is expected to continue over the next four years.

A rebound in diamond prices and production, a more economically active beef sector, and enhanced copper production are behind the positive sentiment.

Is now a good time to start a business in Botswana?   

Starting a business requires skills, commitment and capital – and funding is one the greatest challenges facing start-ups and entrepreneurs.

On the plus side, Botswana is one of the most business-friendly countries in Africa. It is politically stable and has a low crime rate and decent infrastructure.

With advances in technology re-shaping and re-configuring the world we live in, new business opportunities are popping up all the time.

Starting an affiliate marketing site or personal blog, or becoming a social media influencer, for example, are relatively easy to set up and don’t require a huge capital investment.

The key is to explore the market and conduct a feasibility study. If your business idea is a good one, there’s no better time to start.

21 profitable business ideas  

For a small business idea to work, you must find the balance between your strengths and skills, and the demand from your target market.

Since the pandemic, there has been an increased demand for online services and deliveries. Core sectors like tourism have rebounded and are always in need of support services, as is the burgeoning digital economy.

1. Mobile device repairs

Mobile device repairs

Setting up a mobile device repairs store requires nothing more than know-how and a suitable tool set. You can specialise in extending the device lifecycle and running a thriving business dealing in pre-owned phones.

2. Consulting services

If you have expertise or qualifications in a specialist field, you can offer online consulting services to other businesses.

3. Adventure trails

Botswana’s tourism sector is booming. That and the fact that private game reserves often outsource activities like hiking, biking and horse riding, has created a ready-made niche market for local entrepreneurs.

4. Online tutoring

online tutoring

Many classes and courses now happen via Zoom. Online tutoring is in high demand. You can tutor people anywhere in the world.

5. Photography and video services

If you have a decent camera, get out there and take photos and video of places and events that might be in demand.

This footage can be sold to companies directly or via stock images sites.

6. Personal shopper

We don’t mean the personal shoppers of the rich and famous.

This is simply going to the shops on someone’s behalf because he or she is ill or too busy.

7. Virtual counselling

If you’re a qualified counsellor or psychologist, you can offer virtual counselling or therapy sessions. In the wake of the pandemic, there is much greater demand for online counselling.

8. Bookkeeping services

All businesses need bookkeeping and accounting services, but many don’t have the funds to employ someone full time. Offer part-time services.

9. Home-care services

Unfortunately, more people need home-care services after the pandemic. You don’t need to be a qualified nurse to be a carer.

10. Coding business

The digital landscape is constantly expanding and, with it, the demand for website and app developers.

All you need to start are coding skills and a product portfolio. There are numerous remote business opportunities available online.

11. Courier/delivery service

Courier/delivery service

There’s been a massive spike in online shopping. You could offer a delivery service for online businesses. Scooter and bicycle deliveries are an option if you don’t have a car.

12. Virtual assistant

Businesses cutting back on costs or not wanting too many employees in the office might choose a virtual work-from-home office assistant.

13. Cleaning services

Cleaning services and, in particular, sanitising services are in high demand, with homes and businesses now following stricter cleanliness guidelines.

14. Digital marketing

Digital marketing remains vital for businesses. Companies hit by cash-flow issues might focus on marketing more to boost exposure or advertise specials and new services.

15. Crafts and curios procurement business

Luxury game lodges all have curio shops that require a steady inflow of stock.

It’s a ready market for anything authentically African – from curios and clothing to collectibles, jewellery and artefacts.

16. Lawn care or gardening service

Lawn care or gardening service

If you own a weed whacker and any form of transport, you can start a simple gardening service. Some clients might be OK for you to use their tools initially.

17. Dropshipping

With dropshipping, another business takes care of storing and shipping the products you sell. You simply market the goods and handle transactions.

Find out more about the pros and cons of dropshipping – and how you can make it profitable – in this comprehensive article.

18. Translation services

If you’re fluent in more than one language, you can offer translation services to a range of industries.

Even simple tasks like translating instruction manuals can generate a steady income.

19. Meal delivery service

Delivering home-cooked meals to overextended parents or the elderly can be a good business if you keep the service affordable. You can cook meals yourself or team up with someone else.

20. Online customer service

Offer a service where you manage a large company’s online customer service. This includes tasks like monitoring chat boxes, answering social media comments and responding to email complaints.

21. Subscription box service

Start a service that delivers a monthly box of items for a subscription fee. This can be fresh produce, wine, coffee, makeup, supplements or pet food and treats.

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