7 Ways to Spend Less on Groceries in Botswana

spend less on groceries

A protracted drought and rising inflation are pushing up the prices of groceries in Botswana. Consumers in Gaborone, Francistown, Molepolole, and further afield, now have to pay more for basic food items, tinned goods and cleaning materials.

According to Trading Economics, an online platform that provides current indicators on global economies, the cost of food in Botswana increased fairly sharply over the first quarter of 2019, compared to the same month the previous year.

The good news is that with a bit of extra effort and forward planning, there are ways to spend less on food shopping, without compromising the nutritional value of family meals.

Here are a few hints that will help you stretch the monthly food budget in Botswana.

Compare prices

Before you rush out and do your monthly shop, compare the prices of basic foodstuffs at the major retail stores operating in large cities like Gaborone and Francistown – Spar, Shoprite and Choppies.

Initially, it may take time and effort, but once you’ve determined which store offers the best prices on bread, milk, meat, fruit and vegetables, the lower costs generally extend across the bulk of the product range.

Embrace meal planning

Start planning the family’s meals for the week or month ahead. That way, you’ll know exactly which food items you’ll need, together with the relevant condiments, spices, sauces and dessert ingredients.

You’ll also have a better idea of the quantify of meat, chicken, vegetables, rice or potatoes that’s required for the days ahead. Proper meal planning equates to tasty, wholesome family meals at a lower cost, and with less waste.

Introduce meat-free days

Meat is an expensive food item, even in beef-producing Botswana. An easy and effective way of slashing the grocery bill is to introduce one or two meat-free days.

Vegetarian pastas, curries, quiches and salads are not only delicious and filling, they’re inexpensive, and easy to prepare. If you’re looking for inspiration, there are literally thousands of tasty vegetarian recipes available on the internet.

Exploit end-of-day markdowns

Try and time your store visit to coincide with the end of day price markdowns on baked and perishable goods like bread, rolls, confectionaries, fruit, vegetables, milk and cream.

These items have reached their sell by date and need to be used immediately, but you can save up to half the original purchase price.

Large retailers in Botswana frequently mark down perishable foods like bananas, peaches and other soft fruit. These can be baked into pies or used as ingredients in home-made jam or chutney.

Buy in bulk

Buying tinned goods, pet food and cleaning materials in bulk can be a major cost savings measure, but it’s important to do a price check at competing stores first.

It’s also a wise idea to compare the bulk price against that of the single item, at all the different stores.

Buying perishable goods in bulk for one family is usually a waste of money. However, if there’s another family who wants to share the food items, and the cost, it can shave a bit more off the groceries bill.

Look for cheaper cuts of meat

On the days when there is meaty meal planned, use the cheaper cuts. Chuck, blade and brisket are comparatively low-cost cuts of beef that can be turned into delicious curries and stews.

Similarly, the neck and shoulder of lamb, and belly of pork, are inexpensive and versatile cuts that can be used to create a wide range of tasty meals.

Take advantage of special deals

The major retail stores in Botswana – Choppies, Spar and Shoprite – all offer regular specials on groceries. The links above direct you to the current catalogues, showcasing the latest promotions and deals at the respective stores.

Alternatively, PriceMate conveniently offers the most comprehensive collection of store-by-store special deals on one site.

The trick to getting the best out of the store specials is to buy only the grocery items you need or would have bought anyway. Don’t let special offers trick you into spending more on food shopping than you would have otherwise!

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