Getting a Same-Day Loan in Gaborone: A Guide to the Options

same day loan

Banks and online credit providers offer same-day loans in Gaborone. Most have quick approval turnaround times, but some options are more accessible than others.

Here are key same-day loan types currently available in Gaborone.

Payday loans approved on the same day in Gaborone

Payday loans are low-value loans with terms of around two to four weeks. They’re designed to help consumers get from one payday to the next.

The borrowed money has to be paid back in one lump sum – usually on the next payday.

Only people with a steady job can apply. With this type of funding, it’s possible to rollover or extend the loan to the subsequent payday.


Same-day payday loans in Gaborone have quick loan processing times, the flexibility to extend the terms and automatic approval for the employed.


Payday loans often trap people in protracted debt cycles. A debt default can have serious legal ramifications. It will negatively affect a person’s credit history and score.

Due to the high rate of interest charged on the borrowed money and the fact that lenders don’t conduct affordability assessments or credit checks, payday loans are considered predatory and high-risk.

Same-day bank loans in Gaborone

Major banks in Gaborone, such as Standard Chartered, FNB, Absa and BancABC, offer short-term personal loans to existing clients.

The maximum loan amount varies from a few thousand pula to around P650,000. Clients have between 12 and 72 months to repay the loan.


Advantages include competitive interest rates and fees, and preferential rates for premium clients.


Although online applications are processed within 24 hours, it can take more than a week for the funds to show up in the client’s account.

Personal bank loans are not secured by assets. As a result, this type of funding is only available to permanently employed people with a good financial track record and credit score.

If the loan isn’t paid back within the agreed term, the bank is entitled to pursue a third-party collection strategy. This can result in the seizure of personal assets.

Instant online microloans in Gaborone

Online credit providers offer personal loans ranging in value from P100 to P10,000, repayable over a few days to several weeks.

Consumers have to open an online account. They must upload multiple documents to support their application, including bank statements, pay slips, employment contracts and employer confirmation letters.


Same-day online microloans can be a convenient way to access nominal funding in Gaborone, providing the qualifying criteria do not render an application null and void.


A distinct disadvantage of applying for a microloan is the amount of paperwork required to support the loan.

What’s more, the funds are only available once the provider has received a credit report from the credit bureau.

With strict qualifying criteria, which include a defined minimum gross salary and a favourable financial history, getting a same-day microloan in Gaborone is neither easy nor guaranteed.

Anyone in debt review, or under administration or sequestration, is rejected out of hand.

Same-day vehicle-backed loans in Gaborone

A car, truck or bakkie is a valuable asset that can be used to secure a quick cash loan in Gaborone. Once the vehicle has been physically appraised and the loan agreement signed, the money is transferred while you wait.

Loan amounts are proportionate with a percentage of the appraised resale value of the vehicle. The only required documents are a valid Omang, proof of residence and the original vehicle registration papers.


As vehicle-backed loans are secured by collateral, credit history and employment status are irrelevant. Anybody who owns a fully paid-up car in Gaborone qualifies for a loan.

Paperwork is kept to a bare minimum and loan terms are flexible. Personal assets are protected. The only asset that can be sold to recover the debt is the car.

Where to get a same-day vehicle-backed loan in Gaborone

lamna Botswana facilitates instant cash loans backed by the value of fully paid-up cars, trucks, boats, bakkies and motorbikes.

Personal funding from lamna is fast, convenient, transparent and accessible.

lamna Botswana

At lamna Botswana, we offer same-day loans in Gaborone against the value of a wide range of assets, from luxury watches and jewellery to vehicles or valuable works of art.

For more information about using an asset to secure a short-term loan, contact us on 71 388 088 or simply complete and submit our online application form.

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