Asset-Based Loans for Startups in Gaborone

Asset-Based Loans for Startups in Gaborone

Lamna Botswana offers straightforward asset-based loans for startups in Gaborone. They could be the best way to fund growth of new businesses.

The challenge of getting bank loans for startups

Raising funds to drive growth is a major challenge for startups in Botswana and elsewhere in the world.

Young businesses haven’t had time to build credit or acquire assets as collateral, key qualifying criteria imposed by traditional lenders like banks.

Even the most basic requirements of bank loans are difficult to meet. How many startups can provide three years of business financials? Or audited annual financial statements?

The fact that banks only facilitate loans to businesses with active current accounts at that institution is yet another roadblock for small business owners.

Why startups in Gaborone are excluded from traditional funding

Startups are business ventures that are just starting out. Very few emerging entrepreneurs have significant collateral or the liquidity to invest some of their capital in business growth.

That immediately excludes most promising young businesses from getting financial support by traditional means.

Asset-based loans offer an alternative to startups and established small businesses in Gaborone.

How startups can use asset-based loans

Asset-based loans can support a range of business objectives. Funds can be used to acquire tools and equipment, exploit exciting opportunities, finance business-related expenses, or make improvements to existing company premises.

With readily available finance, startups can invest in technology and specialised skills they wouldn’t normally be able to afford.

There’s no limit to what capital raised against a personal asset can achieve in terms of business growth and expansion.

When it makes sense for startups to take loans

Going into debt shouldn’t be done lightly. That said, there are times when raising funds is the next logical step.

Taking a loan is a practical solution that can pay dividends when, for instance, capital is required to enable:

  • the fulfilment of an order or tender
  • participation in a lucrative business opportunity
  • expansion of the company’s physical location
  • enhanced business credit.

Assets that Lamna Botswana accepts

Lamna Botswana accepts a wide range of high-value personal assets as security for a loan – luxury watches, artworks and antiques, cars, trucks, motorbikes, boats and yachts.

Valuables must be free of debt and owned by the person applying for short-term funding.

As assets are used as loan guarantees, they’re held in safe custody in Gaborone until the borrowed capital, plus the accrued interest, is repaid in full.

Then, items are handed back to their owners and can be used to secure startup finance again in the future.

Getting asset-based loans for startups in Gaborone with Lamna

At Lamna Botswana, we offer fast, discreet loans against the value of a wide range of assets, from luxury watches and jewellery to vehicles or valuable works of art – no credit checks or financial statements required.

For more information about getting asset-based loans for startups in Gaborone, contact us on 71 388 088 or simply complete and submit our online application form.

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