Business Opportunities in Botswana in 2023

business opportunities in Botswana

Despite high inflation, sustained economic growth and enhanced per capita purchasing power is driving diverse business opportunities in Botswana in 2023.

Here’s a round-up of key markets and industries ripe for Batswana entrepreneurs.

Business opportunities identified by the Botswana Investment & Trade Centre – manufacturing

In the manufacturing sector, downstream opportunities exist in the beef, leather, minerals and glass industries.

Botswana business opportunities in agriculture

The processing of cattle hides, provision of recycled grey water for irrigation, and rollout of agricultural finance and insurance products and services, are areas requiring investment and expansion.

The agricultural sector itself is operating below capacity. The production of small stock, pork, fruit, vegetables and honey are potentially lucrative business initiatives.

Business opportunities for Batswana in transport and logistics

IT systems and services, and manufacturing and maintenance services for passenger and heavy-haul railways, are core opportunities in the transport and logistics sector.

Business opportunities in mining in Botswana

The beneficiation of copper, nickel, coal and diamonds, together with mining transport and logistics, offer opportunity for business-savvy Batswana with the expertise and funding to exploit the market.

Energy-related business opportunities in Botswana

The recent reintroduction of load shedding and climbing electricity costs make renewable energy solutions a lucrative business option in Botswana in 2023.

Demand for affordable clean energy and backup power is also exceptionally high in neighbouring countries like South Africa.

Renewable energy production, with an emphasis on solar projects, offers huge potential.

Government recently approved three licences for independent power providers (IPPs) to sell electricity into the grid or export it in a private capacity. Botswana may also play a role in exporting power to other countries in the region.

Other top businesses to start in Botswana

Several niche markets, many of which require local investment and support, are emerging from the rapidly expanding eco-tourism sector in Botswana. These include game fishing, mountain bike (MTB) trails, hiking tours and 4×4 trails.

Digital marketing, responsive web design and IT support are required to reach Botswana’s increasingly connected consumer base.

In keeping with these needs, business opportunities in Botswana in 2023 include:

  • app development
  • web design and development
  • online content writing and editing
  • digital marketing and search engine optimisation
  • video production, editing and voice-overs
  • online language translation.

Upwardly-mobile Batswana are spending more on hosting weddings, conferences, fundraisers, fashion shows and sporting events. As a consequence, there’s growing demand for event management companies to plan, organise and execute events.

Along with considering current trends – like the growth in demand for eco-tourism and digital marketing – it’s worth remembering some of the basics that people always want.

For example, develop a business that does things right (and at appropriate prices) in the food or transport sectors and you’re likely to attract customers.

Often it pays to start small and focus on doing something you know you’re good at.

Favourable tax regime for businesses in Botswana

In addition to a fertile economic environment, a regular corporate tax rate of 22% is well below the 28.45% average tax rate for Africa.

Financial services providers, manufacturing companies and businesses registered in the Innovation Hub qualify for a reduced 15% corporate tax rate.

Getting business funding in Botswana

Both the public and private sector offer funding solutions for Botswana businesses. Options range from debt finance and venture capital to government funding and commercial bank loans.

Due to strict qualifying criteria and stringent repayment terms, unsecured bank loans and government financing may not be suitable for start-ups or entrepreneurs.

There’s another financing option available to Batswana – short-term, asset-based business loans.

Lamna Botswana – secured business loan providers

At Lamna Botswana, we can help entrepreneurs invest in business opportunities with fast, discreet loans against the value of a wide range of assets, from luxury watches and jewellery to vehicles or valuable works of art.

An asset-based loan from Lamna Botswana is a quick, easy and secure way of raising the funds required to start a business. No supporting documents are required, no information is shared with credit agencies and the loan transaction has no impact on credit ratings or scores.

For more information about using an asset to secure a short-term loan, contact us on 71 388 088 or simply complete and submit our online application form.

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