Pawning a Car in Gaborone

pawning a car in gaborone

Do you live in Gaborone and need quick access to capital? lamna Botswana offers loans against cars – with funds available on the same day.

A standout feature of our fast-and-efficient funding model is anyone who owns a fully-paid vehicle is eligible. We don’t conduct credit checks or request proof of income or employment.

Pawning a car in Gaborone releases the value embedded in the vehicle without having to pursue a sale. It’s a reliable method of raising the money required to cover unforeseen expenses – home repairs, medical costs or family events, like weddings and funerals.

Here’s all you need to know about pawning a car in Gaborone and why using lamna Botswana as your short-term loan provider is the financially astute choice.

Where to pawn a car in Gaborone

The lamna Gaborone branch is located in the Carramba Business Park, adjacent to the A1 Highway.

Our team of financial consultants and asset appraisal experts are available to handle car-backed loan applications. We operate during normal office hours, by appointment only. Call 71 388 088 to set up an appointment.

Our Gaborone office address is:

Unit 8, Plot 43173

Caramba Business Park

Phakalane, Gaborone

We’re six minutes away from the Phakalane Golf Estate and Hotel, via Sebolai Road.

How to apply and what you’ll need

The pawn-a-car loan application process is quick, easy and discreet. Simply call the lamna Gaborone office and tell us about your vehicle – the make, model, condition and mileage.

We’ll give you an indicative offer of a loan immediately. Alternatively, you can complete and submit our online application form and we’ll call you.

The next step is to arrange an independent appraisal of the vehicle at our Gaborone office. At that point, we’ll make a formal offer of a loan commensurate with the car’s appraised fair market value.

The paperwork is drawn up and signed. The car is handed over to us, where it is safely stored until the loan and accrued interest are paid back in full. In exchange, the borrowed funds are transferred into your bank account.

When pawning a car in Gaborone, the following documents are required:

  • the vehicle’s original registration papers
  • a copy of your Omang
  • proof of address.

Why we don’t recommend “pawn-and-drive” schemes

Pawn-and-drive schemes may seem like a great way of dealing with a cash crunch but, in reality, they’re fraught with danger.

Although you do have access to funds and get to “keep” your car, there are a number of risks attached to these lending schemes.

If you want to avoid relinquishing ownership of the vehicle, or being charged exorbitant “rental” rates for using your own car, we recommend you steer clear of “pawn-and-drive” lenders in Gaborone.

Benefits of pawning a car in Gaborone with lamna

lamna is an NBFIRA-compliant financial services provider with an established track record in both Botswana and South Africa.

Key advantages of pawning a car with lamna:

  • quick turnaround time
  • competitive interest rates
  • no early settlement penalties or hidden fees
  • confidential transactions
  • available to all Batswana, notwithstanding credit history.

For more information about pawning a car in Gaborone, contact us on 71 388 088 or simply complete and submit our online application form.

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