7 Ways to Reduce Petrol Costs in Botswana

reduce petrol costs in Botswana

The petrol price in Botswana continued to spiral throughout 2022 and early 2023. We’ve finally had some relief with a recent fuel price cut. However, the high cost of petrol remains a significant drain on budgets for households and businesses.

Focusing on simple things, like driving style, performing regular checks and using accessories sparingly, can save at the pumps. Here’s a round-up of practical tips that can boost fuel efficiency and reduce petrol costs in Botswana, around town and on the open road.

1. Adopt a sensible driving style

The way we drive has a marked impact on monthly fuel costs. Constantly hitting the brakes and accelerator can add 30% to the petrol bill. Speeding, or driving at high revs over 3,000 rpm, is as detrimental to the bottom line.

By driving at a consistent speed, changing gears before the engine starts to strain and accelerating slowly and smoothly to the desired speed can cut the monthly spend by a significant margin.

2. Switch off rather than idle

Idling for more than 30 seconds guzzles petrol. Ramp the idling time up to two minutes and you’ll use the equivalent amount fuel as driving 1 km.

An idling engine not only uses resources and makes a dent in the wallet, it emits CO2 at a rate of more than 5 kg per hour.

3. Remove unused accessories

Roof racks, luggage boxes and bike racks may be handy accessories but they create wind resistance. When the aerodynamics of the vehicle is affected, the engine uses more petrol.

It’s estimated that when driving at 120 kph, a roof rack ups petrol consumption by 16%. A luggage box increases the use of fuel by as much as 39%. At current prices, that’s around P282 extra for a 50-litre tank of petrol.

4. Check tyre pressure

A car’s tyres are critical when it comes to safety and fuel economy. Maintaining the correct pressure extends a tyre’s life and keeps the car safely on the road.

When tyres are under-inflated by 20%, fuel consumption soars by up to 10%. As tyres lose around two bars of air per month, checking the pressure regularly is key to having more money in the pocket.

5. Use air con sparingly

Air conditioning is a must-have in Botswana, but there’s a downside. When used injudiciously, air con can increase petrol consumption by as much as 20%. The extra load on the engine requires more fuel.

At speeds of under 80 kph, using the windows to ventilate the car is the most cost-effective solution. Anything higher than that, and the drag caused by the open windows is less fuel efficient than using the air con.

6. Avoid bad roads

Driving on poorly maintained gravel roads can increase petrol usage. Bouncing over ruts and negotiating rocks and stones reduces forward motion energy.

In an on-going study in India, it’s estimated that vehicles travelling on inferior roads consume three times more petrol per kilometre than those travelling on well-maintained roads.

7. Stick to a regular maintenance schedule

Oily spark plugs, clogged air filters and old or defective batteries can negatively impact vehicle performance and fuel efficiency. When an engine isn’t tuned properly, it can increase petrol consumption by a whopping 50%.

With regular maintenance, you can get the best out of the vehicle, keep petrol costs down and address potential problems long before they require expensive repairs.

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