Best (and Most Trusted) Online Pawn Shop in Gaborone

online pawn shop in Gaborone

Lamna is the best – and most trusted – online pawn shop in Gaborone, Botswana.

Lamna has been operating since 2015, providing loans to individuals who put up personal assets of value as collateral.

We’ve offered loans ranging from BWP 20,000 right up to more than 10 million.

What is an online pawn shop?

An online pawn shop is a web-based business. It provides funds to people in exchange for vehicles, watches, art or other luxury items as collateral.

What need is served by online pawn shops in Botswana?

Online pawn shops are a fast, efficient and discreet alternative to banks and traditional loan providers. Transactions are processed quickly and no information is shared with credit agencies.

Owners of luxury items can unlock the embedded value without having to sell them.

No credit checks are performed. The only documents required are a copy of the applicant’s National Identity Card (Omang), proof of residence and paperwork relating to the asset.

Pawn loans have no impact on the client’s credit rating, nor their ability to borrow money again in the future.

Getting a loan from a bank in Botswana is increasingly difficult, especially for individuals with poor credit records and no steady income. Those who qualify for a bank loan typically have to wait a few weeks for the approval process to be concluded.

Online pawn shops release capital against valuable items within 24 hours.

Who can get an online loan?

Anyone in Botswana who owns an asset of value, debt-free, can get an online loan.

The loan amount is 100% dependent on the appraised resale value of the luxury watch, piece of jewellery, artwork or car, boat, bakkie or motorbike.

What makes us the best and most trusted online pawn shop in Gaborone?

Lamna is an accredited financial services provider with a reputation for honesty and fairness. As well as our Gaborone office, we operate a network of branches across South Africa.

The business is registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR), the Financial Services Board (FSB), and the SAPS in South Africa. We offer:

  • competitive, industry standard interest rates
  • a transparent fee structure
  • ethical business practices
  • an established track record as a trusted asset-based loan provider.

Contact Lamna Botswana to learn more about our asset-based lending model or to apply for an easily attainable pawn shop loan online.

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